What is a Dry Oil?

"Dry Oil" has been used to describe products that have a silky finish and are quick-absorbing without too greasy a feel. The great thing about dry oils is that they are multi-taskers; they can be used on skin, yes, but they are also effective as hair "finishing" products. They help seal the cuticle and impart a conditioning sheen to all hair types.

Many beauty companies use the ingredient dimethicone (polydimethyl siloxane) to impart a soft silkiness to their oils. This is known in the trade as "slip." It is merely done for aesthetic reasons; dimethicone does not impart any benefits to skin or hair on its own. It basically sits on top and provides a smoothing layer that makes application easier. However, this can cause product buildup or clogged pores. Over time, some people might experience more dryness when using products with this ingredient.

Our products will NEVER contain dimethicone, which is a synthetic polymer. The benefits of using pure, unadulterated plant oils and extracts on the skin and hair cannot be overstated. And because our dry oil is a multi-tasker, you save time as well as money.

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