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What is a Dry Oil?

"Dry Oil" has been used to describe products that have a silky finish and are quick-absorbing without too greasy a feel. The great thing about dry oils is that they are multi-taskers; they can be used on skin, yes, but they are also effective as hair "finishing" products. They help seal the cuticle and impart a conditioning sheen to all hair types.

Many beauty companies use the ingredient dimethicone (polydimethyl siloxane) to impart a soft silkiness to their oils. This is known in the trade as "slip." It is merely done for aesthetic reasons; dimethicone does not impart any benefits to skin or hair on its own. It basically sits on top and provides a smoothing layer that makes application easier. However, this can cause product buildup or clogged pores. Over time, some people might experience more dryness when using products with this ingredient.

Our products will NEVER contain dimethicone, which is a synthetic polymer. The benefits of using pure, unadulterated plant oils and extracts on the skin and hair cannot be overstated. And because our dry oil is a multi-tasker, you save time as well as money.

What Makes Our Product Different?

A luxurious blend of softening and moisturizing ingredients which include:

  • Calendula extract - applied to the scalp, it helps to soothe inflammation and increase circulation. Also good for promoting healing in skin and hair.
  • Liquid Shea - a unique oil that is non-comedogenic, made from solid shea butter and containing all of its beneficial vitamins and lipids. It can help to maintain skin elasticity and help prevent hair breakage.
  • Apricot kernel oil - light and deeply penetrating. It is great for massaging into skin and scalp, is antiseptic and high in antioxidants.
  • Free of dyes and synthetics , which can irritate sensitive skin. 100% natural.
  • No perfumes. Includes essential oils of Lavender and Bergamot, which are antiseptic and rejuvenating.
WEBA Natural Products Dry Oil Lavender Bergamot
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Here is what customers have said about our Dry Oil:

"I started using the Dry Oil on my hair a few weeks ago because it is dry and thinning. On a recent trip to the hairdresser's, she noticed that my hair looked and felt healthier and softer. She asked if I'd been using anything on my hair lately. It occurred to me that the only thing that I'd used on my hair was the Dry Oil. I didn't share my secret with my hairdresser, but it made me smile!"

LR, Bronx, NY


"I like the fact that I can use this product from head to toe. And the price is right for what you get. A little goes a long way with this oil. I can apply it to my skin after showering, and smooth some on my hair to tame flyaways and add softness. It's the ultimate multi-tasker!"

MK, Tarrytown, NY

What are the many uses for WEBA Natural Products’ Dry Oil?

  • After-shower moisturizer
  • Additive for Shampoos and Conditioners, if they lack any oils
  • Conditioning agent for people with dry, scaly scalp
  • Massage oil
  • Face oil - pat a little on your face over makeup for a healthy sheen
  • Blow-dry oil - a little goes a long way
  • Hair treatment oil for dry hair - use once/month by adding to warmed coconut oil. Leave in for 10 minutes, then wash out.
  • Hair finishing oil - after blow-drying
  • Cuticle oil
  • Hand/foot night treatment - apply to hands/feet and put on gloves/socks. Wear overnight for softer, smoother skin