Organic French Lavender Sachet Set


Organic French Lavender Sachet set comes with two (2) hemp/organic cotton sachets filled with french lavender flowers grown and harvested in the U.S. Handmade in the Hudson valley. Compliments our lavender soap and body balm. Lavender flowers naturally repel moths. Versatile; can be used in drawers, closets, shoes, boots and suitcases. Long-lasting relaxing natural lavender scent will last for years. To renew the scent, just squeeze the sachets gently. All natural; great as a hostess or housewarming gift.


This organic french lavender sachet set is meticulously handmade in the Hudson valley, which compliments our lavender soap and body balm. Each sachet includes 1 ounce of french lavender, grown and harvested in the U.S. Lavender has a relaxing scent and helps repel moths. We use a natural hemp/organic cotton blend fabric with natural indigo stripes.

They have many uses – throw one in a suitcase or drawer, hang in a closet, or toss between sheets or towels. Very long-lasting; to renew the scent, just squeeze sachet gently. They make a great hostess or housewarming gift.

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in


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