Staying Healthy During Air Travel

Staying Healthy During Air Travel Air Travel is a fact of life for most of us. It has made it easy for us to travel around the world in record time and in relative safety. But many worry about staying healthy during air travel; after all, pathogens can travel around the world, too. With the Read More

Five Skin Conditions You Should Not Ignore

FIVE Skin Conditions You Should NOT Ignore At one point or another, our high-speed, stressful lifestyles can leave us with skin conditions that are embarrassing or annoying. We might try to deal with them with over-the-counter medications, creams, and cosmetics that mask the problem. However, there are some skin conditions that we should not ignore. Read More

The One Device You Need This Winter

What Is The One Device You Need This Winter? Today I will talk about the importance of using a humidifier in the home during colder months. Living in a colder climate brings its own set of challenges. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can run the risk of developing frostbite, hypothermia, sunburn and even an asthma attack. It’s Read More

What Is Dry Oil?

What Is Dry Oil? You may have seen promotions for “dry” oils online and asked yourself what they are. Are dry oils used in hair, on skin, or both? Can people with oily skin and hair use a dry oil? These are all good questions, which I hope to answer below. But first, what dry Read More